Registered NDIS Plan Management in Australia

An individual deserved the live the life to their fullest and it’s an entitlement for each person dwelling Australia. My Care Plan Manager is the Registered NDIS Independent Support Worker in Australia and provide the best service for our clients.The last thing an individual need to jump the hoops in order to have essential human necessities. We are prideful to listen, understand & care about the need of our clients. It’s our priority to support each client in every way. As, the prosperous participant of the NDIS you deserved the best partner & our company is the Registered NDIS Support Coordination Service Provider in Australia who are empowering the clientswith full freedom & control with the best option.

In past the person with disability have the limited access to their choices. And, we are bringing the great change in this field. We are working constantly to make sure the wheel and life decision are in the hand of the clients andthe rightful things that belong to them.

The goal of our company is simple &provide the best living experience for our client which they always deserved & we never compromises with our work. And, we are also acting as financial intermediary for the NDIS participant& we ensure that our clients deserve the maximum out of the funded support.

On this journey we are always walking with our client always by their side. And, all our effort is to feel them more independent, happy & comfort. And, our team will never stop for making that to happen.


The main aim of the My Care Plan Manager is to keep the clients above everything else& provide them best quality service for our clients. And, our client is the topmost priority, we want to equip them with the power to make good decisions. They have full control on their choices when they partner with us.



We are highly guided by the accountability spirit & it’s a pillar of our company. We keep our clients accountable with periodic communication & to stay accountable through the transparent process.


We are highly guided by the accountability spirit & it’s a pillar of our company. We keep our clients accountable with periodic communication & to stay accountable through the transparent process.We are individually responsible for each client, always acts ethically & transparent throughout the process for each client &we also manage each client file as the unique file. We recognize, act & interpret upon principle which are best in the industry.


We are the Registered NDIS Plan Management in Australia and are always by our client side to provide them the best service. And, we feel proudful for our work and our client can rely on us for complete solutions related to NDIS services.


The communication is the great key in today’s world & we always stay connected with our clients. We are always answerable for all their queries& are responsible for everything to our clients.



The main driving force that provides each participant a tool to live independent & fulfilling life. We provide empowerment to our client to have full choice to select the complete thing as per their requirements.


No matter from where you are or belong to our team accept the client from where they belong or where they want to go. We have a great feeling of acceptance and serve our clients as they are.


Every individual deserves the best & must be supported in every way in order to access what is best for them. It mainly includes the ages, cultural background& races.


Every client matters us, its our primary value to accept the client as they are though they differ from us. We respect them a lot & establish the relationship by forming a safety,trust &well-being.

How to choose plan manager in Australia?

The My Care Plan Manager is the leading NDIS Disabled People Support Providers in Australia & stated below are several reasons that helps you to choose us.

  • Fast

    We clear the invoices of the clients within 4 to 5 working days. It’s our priority to resolve all the issues related to invoice query. And, serving booking & starting within the 1 business day as soon as any client sign up.

  • Reliable

    We are the reliable NDIS service providers in Australia and clients can easily trust us as we keep an accurate record for auditing.

  • Transparency

    We provide the complete transparent service for our clients & provide 24x7 online access in order keep track of your expenses. We are also providing the monthly statements of an overview of the spend against budget of each client.

Benefits of having NDIS registered plan manager
  • Options

    We provide an option to our clients to choose from the unregistered or registered NDIS service provider.

  • Paperless

    The entire process is paperless & the records are maintained for a longer amount of time.

  • No Hidden Charges

    When you choose our service no extra or hidden charges are taken from us.

  • Client Hold the Power

    We are sending the invoices for the approval before any payment is made to the providers.


The My Care Plan Manager is here providing the support to you and stated below are the services that we offer to our clients.

  • Receive process & pay the invoices to the service providers on behalf of the clients
  • Provide guidance to find service providers on request
  • Review & validates the invoice as per the NDIS price guide
  • We are also providing the monthly overview of the plan spending&remaining balance for fund support
  • Enable participants to exercise greater choice, supports & services engage
  • Manage &monitors participant budget according to the plan management service agreement duration of NDIS plan
  • Support participant for the budget management & NDIS funded for administration activities in order to achieve their goal & outcomes
  • Alert the participant plan spending is consistent, above or below forecasted plan spend
NDIS registered occupational therapist in Australia

Have any requirement related to the Registered NDIS Support Coordination Service Provider in Australia than approach the My Care Plan Manager for more details. We have served more than a thousand of the clients in Western Australia, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Queensland, Northern Territory Darwin, Australian Capital Territory, Tasmania, etc. and almost all the region of the Australia.



ABOUT Registered NDIS Plan Management in Australia :

My Care Plan Manager is the Best Registered NDIS Plan Manager in Australia. We are an imperative middleman between the service provider, NDIA & the participant. And, our company ensures that the individual empowered using the funded support. We provide complete control & choices to our clients.

When, any client partner with us they can easily support &our NDIS plan manager feel proud in understanding, caring & listening about our aspirants & needs. And, it’s our priority to support the client in any way.

We believe, people from the different culture diversified background may have some hesitation & required a support because of the language barriers. Our team is providing the dedicated plan manager who can easily speak the client language to understand the clients & respect their believe.

And, our plan managers are dedicated, experienced, knowledgeable & qualified for their profile, they work constantly in order to live the needs of our clients. Sometimes, dealing with the NDIS might be a challenging &a time-consuming process. The stress generated because of the complex procedure & length paper work would not be the client concern and must be left with us.

Sevices : Best Registered NDIS Plan Manager in Australia

The My Care Plan Manager is the leading NDIS Registered Independent Plan Manager in Australia. And, our company is serving client in Australia for the past so many years & we are the leading choice of our client whenever the requirement related to the NDIS services arises in Australia.

The Plan Management is a type of the service which helps the disable people to get the funds under the National Disability Insurance Scheme or the NDIS. The main function of these management services is providing assistance & support to the participants who want to manage their NDIS plan funding. The Plan Management providers on behalf of the participants can purchase from the unregistered or registered providers. Our plan manager receives the funds from the NDIA & handle the funds on behalf our participants.

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